Jenny Stout

I am an Illustrator, Animator, 3D, Video Game and Equine Artist.

I've been drawing since 3 years old. My first horse animation was when I was 6. My first musical album was released when I was 9. I've always been creative and hungry to make things! I also grew up a wild child, exploring the woods and meadows near my home, riding horses I'd come across. I love going on adventures and always have a story to tell! These things really shaped who I am today.

I landed my first game artist job at the age of 15 for a horse MMORPG website called I've made a lot of friends and a LOT of horses.. Over 200+ horses with all their own colors and unique patterns. 

Right now, I'm looking toward the future and looking to work with others who share my passion. I'm available for freelance and commission work.

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