#1 - Backgrounds and Sketches!

Figured out lots of things for the Cutscenes, and updated some main expressions for Oliver. Also added some things to the house to make it more accurate. Decided to add the paneling. Gotta have the paneling XD And also found that dark woods were early 70's, and got lighter as the decade ends. Gave them a Betamax and more decorations to populate the house. Basically figured out more about architecture and how to draw things for houses. Also realized that in the end, it won't be perfect. (Big thing for me! Always trying to make things perfect, then trying to tell myself to simplify. Suddenly something clicked inside my brain, and I figured out how to streamline things.)

Anyway! Here's some drawings :D

Finished TV drawing! Going to be using this shot a lot, made this one more detailed than usual.
Hurray for Betamax! Too bad it didn't win the VCR war.

Going to use this one a lot too, the shot of when he's about to play the game. There's a pet rock in the back XD

Another (quick concept) drawing with the groovy rug. TV is from earlier in the decade when Oliver is little.

Remember how it looked before?

Holy perspective batman! Part of a sequence of drawings of Oliver getting his hidden Atari console 
(My mom used to hide my Nintendo 64 ALL the time as a kid. I hated it, but I knew where all her hiding spots were. ) 
Used 3D to get the vanishing points right. Knew what I wanted, but not how to set up the vanishing points out of nothing. I think I'm getting the hang of 3 point perspective though.

Redone drawings. It's weird, I'm saving more time by doing the drawings slowly and getting them right. But that means I won't have to tweak them forever later.

Annnd... Some practice stuff:

 Was looking at some skeletons in Skyrim and it drove me crazy that I couldn't figure out how the ribs/clavical/shoulder blade worked. UGhnn

Also drove me crazy that I couldn't draw a straight line or a circle. I'm the worst.