#11 - Perspective drawings

Ack, I felt like I could have done more today, but wasted some time on figuring out perspective stuff. But getting the hang of it. I'll probably do more stuff like this tomorrow too.

 I end up putting "Guides" in photoshop to act as the horizon line and the vanishing points. The brush I use is the default round photoshop brush with no pen pressure, so when I hold SHIFT, it makes straight lines. I erase lines as I draw them- and make new layers every so often so I can erase (Or mask out) better.

 I've seen perspective drawings with all the lines still there, I guess it depends on what's most comfortable. Another thing that makes things more comfortable is seeing it in 3D before I draw, so I used Cinema 4D to help establish where the vanishing points would be and how big some things are. Another good thing is building some stuff in Sims for more reference material, helps it become "real" before actually seeing it.

The guides acting as horizon line and the intersection is the vanishing points.

Had some fun adding kid stuff to his room. Some of it include those dumb turkey hand things you make in school, baseball gloves, macaroni necklace. He's supposedly in 1st grade, so lots of arts and crafts.

Also found some great reference material!

OH! And I almost forgot! I still need to add the parents, but the Dad will be holding a camera (In the game you see a photograph of Oliver with his present). I'm no camera person, but apparently the Polaroid SX-70 was a very popular camera in the 70's- released in 1972 (it's also making a comeback in recent history). So this is his dad's camera.

I did a drawing of it to sort of... "Figure it out"