#29 - Catching Up

It seems like there's been so much to say and so little time! I recapped on DeviantArt, but basically we're moving out of San Francisco. Probably to the Spokane area in Washington, or somewhere else we find that is awesome. But eventually we'll be getting out of the states entirely. Basically this country is a sinking ship, and it's actually quite terrifying that "Freedom of Speech" is now a felony.

Anyway, so while we've been busy planning out our move (Gotta get rid of some stuff) we've also been talking a ton about Plexxus and made some huge breakthroughs! It's really exciting, basically it feels like a complete and full game now. I also made some breakthroughs with the cutscenes. The presentation will be nicer (basically now I can make the frame any dimension I want instead of just a constant rectangle, with helps with the storytelling), and also figured out how to make the coloring process better.

The platforms it's coming out on now is Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle (wow), and Mac. Props to Jason for being an amazing programmer and being able to port things. And also for implementing Multiplayer.

And I've been practicing a lot. Which has helped a ton with the art. Just gotta keep getting things done!!

Some practice..