What's Plexxus?

Plexxus is the iPhone game me, my boyfriend Andy and the most awesome programmer, Jason are working on. It's a game about growing up with video games, and each level progresses through each eras of gaming. From "Pong era" (early consoles) to iPhone. It starts with the fictional "first" console, Plexxus 1.0 that keeps improving graphics and keeping up with the current trends but not changing the basic puzzle function of the game.

  Plexxus 1.0 (1972)
  "Atari 2600" Super Plexxus (1979)
 16 bit "Sega Genesis" Plexx (1990)
 32 bit "Playstation" Plexx and Friends (1996)
64 bit and beyond "iPhone" level (2010)


And each level has their own backstory and cutscenes.

NES Level has the story of a Knight and is playing with that RPG/Fantasy phase Nintendo went through.

The Genesis Level changes completely with that Animal Mascot craze in the 90's. 

N64 and Playstation gave rise to the 3D world. (and more awful friends)

 By the late 90's, Playstation was coming out with many Japanese titles.

Modern games are much more casual, and lost nearly all story and purpose. But is sure nice to look at.


Between the levels, the cutscenes bring everything together with the Story of Oliver who grows up playing Plexxus.

3D VRay Rendered Background

And here's a storyboard of the Arcade level cutscene.

Some sketches.

And some "Challenge Area" art. (The games you unlock after Oliver opens his own Arcade)

So that's Plexxus's story mode in a Nutshell! The gameplay resembles a puzzle/swap game. Story mode is basically a huge tutorial on how to play it.

The Challenge area and free mode is a different matter :] We'll take the things you learn in story mode and play with them. Initially we had the thought of having entirely new levels, but that would come much later.